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"live music, delicious food, engaging discussions, and open civic engagement”

About the Festival

The vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee is buzzing with anticipation as the Day for Democracy rally and festival moves to Eastside Bowl in Madison, TN on June 9th, 2024. This event is a celebration of community, democracy, and music. The day promises fun, unity, and opportunities to support vital causes.  Tickets for this event will go on sale Friday, May 3,  2024 at 10am.


From noon until 8 pm, attendees can immerse themselves in the enjoyment of live music, delicious food, engaging discussions, and open civic engagement. The event seeks to bring awareness and support to important causes and initiatives that impact our community. It will also benefit Planned Parenthood. 


Senator Heidi Campbell will speak, and several other amazing candidates will be present: Representative Gloria Johnson, Shaundelle Brooks, Claire Jones, Representative Aftyn Behn and Maryam Abolfazli to name a few! They will all be able to share their visions and rally the crowd.  Accompanying them on stage will be a star-studded lineup of performers, including Lilly Winwood, Olivia Jean, Brandy Zdan, Denitia, Gwen Levey and the Breakdown, Kat Jones, Coyote Motel, Natchez Tracers, Mike Younger, comedian Cortney Warner, Wild Ponies and more to be announced! All will mix and mingle and enjoy the day together.


The Day for Democracy rally and festival will feature a diverse array of food trucks, vendors, and progressive organizations, creating an immersive experience that promises something for everyone in attendance. Whether you're looking to sample local cuisine, support small businesses, or looking to get involved in ways that shape our future, this event is the place to be.


Join us on June 9th at Eastside Bowl in Madison, Tennessee for a day filled with music, community, and spirited advocacy. Let's come together to celebrate democracy, raise our voices for change, and make a positive impact that resonates throughout our city, our state, and beyond.

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